The World
Of Tomorrow


a New paradigm in secure Networks

Standard approaches are far from sufficient to secure organizations from the threats they face today. Security standards update occasionally, but not at the same pace as the innovation of hackers, and the attacker's motivation makes it imperative to adapt security protocols and methods to suit the changes in the game.
QDefender is a start-up company in the cyber security field, introducing the next generation of cyber security, which is significantly faster and more secure, with technology that is resistant to attacks from quantum computers and supercomputers. If that is not enough - it will even lower the cost of security for customers.
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Our Technology

We provide a comprehensive defense solution to Cyber and IOT threats by high-speed quantum technology.
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QDefender’s products offer solutions to Small and Medium Enterprises (SME) up to large enterprises for a comprehensive quantum security solution.

Powerful devices, virtual servers and electric signature for every user everywhere.
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