About QDefender

New paradigm

in secure Networks

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Standard approaches are far from sufficient to secure organizations from the threats they face today. Security standards update occasionally, but not at the same pace as the innovation of hackers, and the attacker's motivation makes it imperative to adapt security protocols and methods to suit the changes in the game.
QDefender is a start-up company in the cyber security field, introducing the next generation of cyber security, which is significantly faster and more secure, with technology that is resistant to attacks from quantum computers and supercomputers. If that is not enough - it will even lower the cost of security for customers.

We provide TRNG based encryption for data centers and organizations through immune communication using Quantum Key Distribution methods. 
Our technology eradicates hacking risk for users, frees up valuable network resources, and protects their critical data more effectively than common solutions with continuous identification to prevent information leakage through identity theft.

We build QDefender platform so that information security managers, CISO and network admins set up a suitable system in minutes, using a faster encryption platform that was only implemented in military technology. QDefender is the first to commercially apply it in the civilian market; This way we significantly reduce the risk of hacking. QDefender technology helps security teams to fully secure their network through greater encryption, quantum technology, and reliable identification & authentication.

Where did it all start?

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QDefender's co-founders have 18 years of prior experience in setting up server rooms and data centers, managing information security products, and handling security crises 
in the military, security and commercial sectors.

Over the past few years almost every SMBs and large organizations have been the target of high-profile cyber-attacks that compromise their sensitive data, and confidential information of their customers and their day-to-day operation.
Every cyber attack leaves the executives wondering how their data got compromised, since they have security measures and encrypt their data... "How did this happen? Don't we spend a lot of money on security?!".

QDefender co-founders were driven by the notion that those companies may use encryption but most of the encryptions today are based on RSA technology which carries a pattern that can be cracked with super computing systems, thus realizing the need for a disruption in the current cyber security methodologies. 

Disruptive Technology is an opportunity that comes in once in a generation. We invite you to take a part of QDefender's innovation of the cyber security field.