Quantum security solutions

Powerful devices, virtual servers and electric signature for every user everywhere.

Defender’s products offer solutions from Small and Medium Enterprises (SME) up to large enterprises for a comprehensive quantum security solution.

Epos VPN

Virtual private network (VPN)
creates a private network across the public network and enables your users to securely connect and access protected resources on your network.

Used for remote users, utilizing a unique immune encryption of QDefender technology.
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Quantum video messaging system
First in its field - Immune communication system

Full messaging system (Text, Video, Audio, Files) on your phone or computer. Fully immune messaging platform that transfers data between users independent of other systems, so that users do not get involved in sharing data with an unauthorized third party and even if the device is hacked into, the app will be blocked by the server which performs Zero Knowledge Proofing.
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Quantum Network Protection
Server Appliance that is a comprehensive security solution against cyber and IoT threats. 

We provide TRNG based encryption for data centers and organizations through immune communication using Quantum Key Distribution methods. Our technology eradicates hacking risk for users, frees up valuable network resources, and protects their critical data more effectively than common solutions with continuous identification to prevent information leakage through identity theft.
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Quantum Security cloud networks
In this era where everything is moving over to the cloud, QDefender will enable Quantum safe cloud protection.

For organizations that work with server farms, QDefender security solution can be installed in the server farm, at the client's request, creating a comprehensive Quantum safe environment.

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Virtual Machine

QDCT Virtual machine simplifies the deployment of security solution and consolidated hardware, can be administered and upgraded remotely, and can be rapidly deployed in cases of disaster recovery.