Encryption Technology

Flexibility and Ease

We provide a comprehensive defense solution to Cyber and IOT threats by high-speed quantum technology.

Disruptive Technology

The technology is built on three-layer sealed protection presenting a scientific breakthrough, new ways of cryptography and security based on mathematics, physics and quantum technology. QDefender is the first to commercially apply it in the civilian market.

Our solution provides a full response against MITMA (Man in the middle attack) - the main problem all security companies are trying to address.

Comprehensive and Mobility

An End-to-End solution for networks and devices with mobility that meets the changing work space environment.

Holistic solution key charictaristics:

QDefender Uses Quantum technology to secure networks and data centers with encryption and communication methods that cannot be deciphered. A Scientific breakthrough, incorporating math, physics, Quantum technology, and innovations both in hardware and software, create hermetically sealed protective layers, with an even lower resource usage and costs on the user's side. 

QDefender uses ZKP to authenticate applications on devices connected to the network, and allows only those to communicate with the network, thus, rendering it impossible for anyone to carry out MITMA attacks.

Our solution provides holistic protection that envelopes the entire communication network. Our disruptive technology uses indecipherable cryptography along with quantum distribution of keys, by which we protect all information on the network, from the single client application on the end-user, to the entire data center it is connected to. The impenetrable surrounding envelope allows for securing the software, as well as the infrastructure and hardware.